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Water carafes with crystals and affirmations.
Created by Michaela Merten.
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Heavenly gift.
Angelic water carafe
for divine water
by Michaela Merten
Angelic Shape ANGELIC SHAPE The shape of the water
carafe resembles an angel.
Perfectly designed in
accordance with the
Golden ratio.
Structured Water STRUCTURED WATER The special shape of the water
carafe and positive
affirmations refine the
water structure.
Crystals CRYSTALS Use your intuition to
choose your favourite
crystal lid.
Which energy attracts
you the most?
Amethyst Carafe Stylized

Water carafes as a heavenly gift

The combination of the shape, affirmations and crystals in the Angel’s Choice water carafe enriches the structure and raises the vibration of drinking water. Drinking water from this carafe elevates water to the status it deserves: a refreshing elixir of life.

The angelic shape is designed in accordance with the Golden Ratio and is hand engraved with positive affirmations. The lids come in six different variations: glass or one of five crystals (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Clear Quartz and Obsidian) Different lids may be purchased separately for use depending on your mood or energetic needs.

This is the perfect gift for that special somebody who treasures life.